Tired is when you wake up every morning feeling equally as tired as you were the night before.

Tired is when every thought you have pulls you down.

Tired is when letting out a sigh is like a breath of relief because you find it comforting.

Tired is when talking to friends is more of a task than a desire.

Tired is when all you want is for someone to hold your hand and walk by your side but when you reach out, there’s no one there but you.

Tired is dragging your feet through every minute of every hour for the whole cycle to start again.

What do you do?


Because to be this tired means you have come a long way and overcome many hurdles.


Because you were able to get as far as you have and still keep going.


Because for someone out there you are a source of inspiration, motivation and positivity. All that they need to chose to wake up the following day.


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