Audacious Me

Let me tell you a little more about Myself here.

Relatively ambitious, I’ve chosen to keep myself busy all 7 days of the week.  A typical week would consist of studying, working and spending time with loved ones.

What am I studying?

Marketing.  Since there aren’t enough people employed in the marketing field, I decided to add to the numbers.  Given it’s broad spectrum, my keen interest lies in…still trying to figure that out.

NOTE: This blog is INDEPENDENT of any influence and all the posts are authentically written by me unless otherwise stated.

What work do I do?

There is a list of what I do but what I will mention here is my personal venture – CK Designs (Personalized greeting cards).

While Hallmark & Papyrus seem to have dominated the “greeting card” market, to me they lack personalization.  Agreed, many people resort to electronic means of communication that includes greetings but there is something inexplicable about traditional greeting cards received by post.  Since every one is quite busy getting through their packed agenda, I decided to pursue my “creative” hobby and start a  personalized greeting card business.  Currently in it’s early stages courtesy of time restraints, I have come to learn that a supply of various papers and decorative accessories leaves your creativity with no limits.

Thanks to someone I knew once upon a time, I dared to start something out of pure passion.

Not really sure what it’s all about?  Check out my twitter feed or better yet, follow me on twitter.


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